Purification & Detection

HIS-Select® Plates

HIS-Select® High Capacity (HC) Nickel Coated Plates, S5563 (96 well)

The HIS-Select HC 96-well plate (S5563) is coated with a proprietary high-density nickel chelate matrix. This high capacity coating allows a greater binding capacity per-well than any other commercial histidine binding plates (Figure 1).


  • Highest binding capacity of histidine-tagged proteins available:
    > 4 µg/well in 96-well plates;
  • In well quanitation of bound protein
  • 70% reduction in cost versus magnetic beads
  • Pre-treated to reduce non-specific binding
  • Suitable for applications including:
    Expression Screening, PAGE, MALDI-MS, and High Throughput Purification


Figure 1:

BCA Assay

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HIS-Select® High Sensitivity (HS) Nickel Coated Plates, S5688 (96 well)

HIS-Select HS coated plates are designed for low level detection of recombinant fusion proteins with histidine-containing tags. The captured proteins can be detected using standard enzyme-linked assay (ELISA) techniques.


  • High Sensitivity: < 1 ng/well
  • Pre-treated to reduce non-specific binding
  • Suitable for ELISA and high throughput applications


High Sensitivity Nickel Coated Plates

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HIS-Select® Filter Plates, H0413

The HIS-Select® Filter Plate is an immobilized metal-ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) product that allows rapid, high throughput purification of small-scale crude cell extracts containing histidine tagged proteins. The HIS-Select Filter Plate has 96 wells, which contain 20 µm, spherical silica particles (100 nm pore size) with a hydrophilic layer. The silica is derivatized with a proprietary quadridentate chelate charged with nickel. The HIS-Select Filter Plate is selective for recombinant proteins with histidine tags and exhibits very low non-specific binding of other proteins. The binding capacity of the HIS-Select Filter Plate is typically greater than 2 mg per well as determined with an approximately 30 kDa histidine tagged protein.

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