Purification & Detection

HIS-Select® Nickel Magnetic Agarose Beads


The HIS-Select technology has the ability to purify histidine-tagged proteins quickly and with high selectivity. This is due to the patented, non-charged, hydrophilic nickel chelate linkage. The result is notably specific histidine-tag capture with low non-specific binding and reduced nickel leaching. We now offer a magnetic bead version of the HIS-Select technology for immunoprecipitation, protein purification, and the study of protein-protein interactions.

The magnetic properties allow for:

  • Very rapid separation
  • Significantly accelerated manipulations, such as repetitive washings
  • Processing of multiple samples performed in plate formats


This leads to:

  • Faster experimentation
  • Better reproducibility
  • More accurate quantitation of the proteins of interest


Specifications of the HIS-Select Nickel Magnetic Beads


Matrix: 4% beaded agarose, with a diameter of 20-75 mm, average diameter 50 mm

Binding Capacity: Typically >10 mg/ml packed gel, determined with a ~30 kDa His-tagged protein


Packed Gel Volume Binding Capacity
10 µl ~100 µg
20 µl ~200 µg
50 µl ~500 µg
100 µl ~1.0 mg
200 µl ~2.0 mg


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