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New M2 Antibody Technical Information Page

New Affinity Purified FLAG® M2 Antibody!

Our NEW peptide affinity purified FLAG M2 antibody delivers increased sensitivity and is now supplied in a 50% glycerol solution for even greater stability. We've optimized the purification process to enable sensitive detection of FLAG fusion proteins with a limit of <1 ng. Our affinity purified FLAG M2 antibody enhances the performance of a variety of applications including immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry.

  • Enhanced Specificity - affinity purification results in increased specificity and minimizes background
  • Ultimate flexibility - recognizes FLAG tag expressed at the N-terminal, C-terminal or Met-N-terminal, and binding is not Ca 2+-dependent
  • Improved Stability - 50% glycerol formulation provides greater stability by avoiding damage from freeze/thaw cycles

Affinity Purification Enhances Specificity

SDS-PAGE analysis of purified ANTI-FLAG M2 monoclonal antibody

Figure 1. SDS-PAGE analysis of purified ANTI-FLAG M2 monoclonal antibody from mouse ascites fluid. Lane 2 contains mouse ascites fluid containing 2.5 µg of ANTI-FLAG M2. Lane 3 contains 2.5 µg of purified ANTI-FLAG M2 antibody. Proteins separated by SDS-PAGE and stained with EZBlue™Gel Staining Reagent.

Enhanced Detection in Low Expressing Systems

Dot Blot Using ANTI-FLAG M2 Antibody

Figure 2: Dot blot demonstrating sensitivity of detection. Decreasing amounts of FLAG-BAP were applied to a membrane and detected using the new ANTI-FLAG M2 antibody, followed by a secondary anti-mouse IgG-HRP conjugate and chemiluminescent detection.

Product #  Package Size Product Name Characteristics Applications
F1804 200 µg
1 mg
5 mg
ANTI-FLAG® M2 Monoclonal Antibody, Affinity Purified IgG
Specificity: N-terminal FLAG, Met-N-terminal, Carboxy-terminal, or internal. Binding is not Ca2+- dependent.

Formulation: Supplied at 1 mg/ml in 50% glycerol, 10 mM sodium phosphate, 150 mM NaCl, pH 7.4 without antimicrobial preservatives.
• Immunoprecipitation
• Immunocytochemistry

Working Dilution:
• 1 µg/ml by indirect Western blotting (chemiluminescent)

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