Roche Conventional PCR Products

When the success of your PCR depends on top-­performing reagents, turn to the experts in PCR. Roche's proven reagents ensure success by delivering the performance you want. Roche PCR products offer a variety of formulations, tailored to your needs. Available as a standard enzyme, enzyme blends (enzyme and buffer), dNTPacks (enzyme, buffer, dNTP set), or as a convenient Master Mix – no matter what you need or how you need it, we’ve got you covered with Roche.

Experience Speed
  AptaTaq Fast Start DNA Polymerase
• Experience Accuracy
Experience Specificity
  FastStart™ Taq
Selection Table
Use this table to help you select the right PCR products for your research.

Reagents for PCR - Selection Guide
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Tips from the Developers
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Learn about Roche's extensive involvement in the evolution of PCR and see their recommendations on how to set up the optimal lab space for PCR work.
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Troubleshooting: Having trouble getting the results you need? See our troubleshooting guide to find an answer to your problem.

General Considerations: From setting up your lab space to sample handling techniques, there are a variety of "best practices" to take note of.

Real-Time PCR: Special conditions exist when conducting RT-PCR. Whether you are doing a two-step or a one-step procedure, you will find the guidance to make the right selections here.


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