DIG (Digoxigenin) Labeling & Detection from Roche

 DIG probes offer a safer alternative for your labeling and detecting needs

DIG is an ideal alternative to hazardous radioactive isotopes for nucleic acid labeling. Flexibly use colorimetric, luminescent or fluorescent signal detection and achieve high sensitivity with low background in very short exposure times. Use robust procedures and established protocols for low background and a high signal-to-noise ratio. As exclusive distributors of the Roche DIG System, we are committed to providing researchers with the high specificity and sensitivity that they require to detect nucleic acids and enable their next breakthrough. The DIG System offers several benefits:

  • Specificity: DIG antibodies do not bind to other substrates. 
  • Versatility: Use DIG labeled probes for filters and in situ hybridization. 
  • Proven: Thousands of publications show why DIG is superior to radioactivity.
  • Safety: Label and detect without the dangers or inconvenience of radioactivity.

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For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.