Kapa Biosystems High Performance Reagents

 New Global Distribution of High Performance Reagents for PCR and qPCR

Researchers can now turn to us as the exclusive, single-source supplier of the well-respected, high performance reagents developed for PCR and real-time PCR from Kapa Biosystems. This portfolio of reagents uses a high-throughput, directed evolution process that simulates natural selection in the lab, which allows the ability to engineer improvements to the structure and the function of enzymes. These products, paired with our complementary biology offer and industry-leading levels of service, will provide researchers with global access to key materials across their workflow.

Features and Benefits:

  • Used to evolve enzymes that are resistant to inhibitors,
    enabling direct PCR from samples such as blood, tissue and plant material.
  • Tolerant of the SYBR® Green dye, which improves sensitivity
    and reaction efficiency for qPCR assays
  • High-throughput genotyping with shorter cycling times and higher yields and sensitivity

Kapa Biosystems Genomics Reagents are available to purchase* through our sales representatives, our award-winning website and global customer service representatives.

SDS, CoA, and Instructions for Use (IFU) for Kapa products can be accessed on this website. Look for the link "Download the SDS and IFU specific to your product lot and format" in the Description section on the product detail page for each Kapa product.

What is Directed Evolution?

*This agreement includes all geographies except the United States and Japan. For customers in those countries, products will continue to be sold through existing Kapa channels.


 Kapa Products

Product No. Description SKU Size
KK1007 KAPA dNTP Kit 100 mM 0.25 mL
KK1017 KAPA dNTP Mix 10 mM 0.5 mL
KK1041 KAPA dNTP Mix 10 mM 5 mL
KK7101 KAPA Express Extract 100 rxn
KK7102 KAPA Express Extract 250 rxn
KK7103 KAPA Express Extract 500 rxn
KK7100 KAPA Express Extract 50 rxn
KK7151 KAPA Express Extract+RM 100 rxn
KK7152 KAPA Express Extract+RM 500 rxn
KK4203 KAPA HRM Fast 10 mL
KK4201 KAPA HRM Fast 1 mL
KK4202 KAPA HRM Fast 5 mL
KK7351 KAPA HS Mouse Genotyping 100 rxn
KK7352 KAPA HS Mouse Genotyping 500 rxn
KK3601 KAPA Long Range HS RM 1.25 mL
KK3602 KAPA Long Range HS RM 6.25 mL
KK3501 KAPA Long Range HS+dNTPs 100 U
KK3502 KAPA Long Range HS+dNTPs 250 U
KK3503 KAPA Long Range HS+dNTPs 500 U
KK3006 KAPA Long Range+dNTPs 100 U
KK3005 KAPA Long Range+dNTPs 250 U
KK7301 KAPA Mouse Genotyping 100 rxn
KK7302 KAPA Mouse Genotyping 500 rxn
KK4752 KAPA Probe Fast 1step Uni 500 rxn
KK4707 KAPA Probe Fast ABI 10 mL
KK4705 KAPA Probe Fast ABI 1 mL
KK4714 KAPA Probe Fast ABI 50 mL
KK4706 KAPA Probe Fast ABI 5 mL
KK4711 KAPA Probe Fast BioRad 10 mL
KK4709 KAPA Probe Fast BioRad 1 mL
KK4710 KAPA Probe Fast BioRad 5 mL
KK4718 KAPA Probe Fast ROX Low 10 mL
KK4716 KAPA Probe Fast ROX Low 1 mL
KK4717 KAPA Probe Fast ROX Low 5 mL
KK4703 KAPA Probe Fast Uni 10 mL
KK4701 KAPA Probe Fast Uni 1 mL
KK4715 KAPA Probe Fast Uni 50 mL
KK4702 KAPA Probe Fast Uni 5 mL
KK4300 KAPA Probe Force Uni 1 mL
KK4301 KAPA Probe Force Uni 5 mL
KK4662 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step ABI 1000 rxn
KK4660 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step ABI 100 rxn
KK4661 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step ABI 500 rxn
KK4672 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step BioRad 1000 rxn
KK4670 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step BioRad 100 rxn
KK4671 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step BioRad 500 rxn
KK4680 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step LC480 100 rxn
KK4681 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step LC480 500 rxn
KK4652 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step Uni 1000 rxn
KK4650 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step Uni 100 rxn
KK4651 KAPA SYBR Fast 1step Uni 500 rxn
KK4605 KAPA SYBR Fast ABI 10 mL
KK4603 KAPA SYBR Fast ABI 1 mL
KK4617 KAPA SYBR Fast ABI 50 mL
KK4604 KAPA SYBR Fast ABI 5 mL
KK4608 KAPA SYBR Fast BioRad 10 mL
KK4606 KAPA SYBR Fast BioRad 1 mL
KK4607 KAPA SYBR Fast BioRad 5 mL
KK4611 KAPA SYBR Fast LC480 10 mL
KK4609 KAPA SYBR Fast LC480 1 mL
KK4610 KAPA SYBR Fast LC480 5 mL
KK4621 KAPA SYBR Fast ROX Low 10 mL
KK4619 KAPA SYBR Fast ROX Low 1 mL
KK4622 KAPA SYBR Fast ROX Low 50 mL
KK4620 KAPA SYBR Fast ROX Low 5 mL
KK4602 KAPA SYBR Fast Uni 10 mL
KK4600 KAPA SYBR Fast Uni 1 mL
KK4618 KAPA SYBR Fast Uni 50 mL
KK4601 KAPA SYBR Fast Uni 5 mL
BK1000 KAPA Taq 2500 U
KK1014 KAPA Taq 250 U
BK1002 KAPA Taq 5000 U
KK1015 KAPA Taq 500 U
KK3604 KAPA Taq EXtra HS RM 1.25 mL
KK3605 KAPA Taq EXtra HS RM 6.25 mL
KK3009 KAPA Taq EXtra+dNTPs 250 U
KK1513 KAPA Taq HS 2500 U
KK1508 KAPA Taq HS 250 U
KK1510 KAPA Taq HS 500 U
KK1512 KAPA Taq HS no buffer 2500 U
KK1509 KAPA Taq HS+dNTPs 250 U
KK1511 KAPA Taq HS+dNTPs 500 U
KK1006 KAPA Taq RM 5×1.25 mL
KK1024 KAPA Taq RM+dye 5×1.25 mL
BK1001 KAPA Taq+dNTPs 2500 U
KK1008 KAPA Taq+dNTPs 250 U
BK1003 KAPA Taq+dNTPs 5000 U
KK1016 KAPA Taq+dNTPs 500 U
BK1005 KAPA Taq+dNTPs+dye 2500 U
KK1021 KAPA Taq+dNTPs+dye 250 U
BK1007 KAPA Taq+dNTPs+dye 5000 U
KK1023 KAPA Taq+dNTPs+dye 500 U
BK1004 KAPA Taq+dye 2500 U
KK1020 KAPA Taq+dye 250 U
BK1006 KAPA Taq+dye 5000 U
KK1022 KAPA Taq+dye 500 U
KK5020 KAPA2G Fast 100 U
KK5021 KAPA2G Fast 250 U
KK5121 KAPA2G Fast Genotyping Mix 6.25 mL
KK5523 KAPA2G Fast HS 100 U
KK5519 KAPA2G Fast HS 2500 U
KK5503 KAPA2G Fast HS 250 U
KK5501 KAPA2G Fast HS 500 U
KK5620 KAPA2G Fast HS Genotyping Mix 1.25 mL
KK5621 KAPA2G Fast HS Genotyping Mix 6.25 mL
KK5513 KAPA2G Fast HS Mg-free 250 U
KK5511 KAPA2G Fast HS Mg-free 500 U
KK5603 KAPA2G Fast HS RM 1.25 mL
KK5601 KAPA2G Fast HS RM 6.25 mL
KK5608 KAPA2G Fast HS RM+dye 1.25 mL
KK5609 KAPA2G Fast HS RM+dye 6.25 mL
KK5530 KAPA2G Fast HS+dNTPs 100 U
KK5502 KAPA2G Fast HS+dNTPs 250 U
KK5500 KAPA2G Fast HS+dNTPs 500 U
KK5512 KAPA2G Fast HS+dNTPs Mg-free 250 U
KK5510 KAPA2G Fast HS+dNTPs Mg-free 500 U
KK5801 KAPA2G Fast Multiplex Mix 1.25 mL
KK5802 KAPA2G Fast Multiplex Mix 6.25 mL
KK5101 KAPA2G Fast RM 1.25 mL
KK5103 KAPA2G Fast RM 25 mL
KK5102 KAPA2G Fast RM 6.25 mL
KK5008 KAPA2G Fast+dNTPs 100 U
KK5009 KAPA2G Fast+dNTPs 250 U
KK5023 KAPA2G Robust 100 U
KK5024 KAPA2G Robust 250 U
KK5522 KAPA2G Robust HS 100 U
KK5525 KAPA2G Robust HS 2500 U
KK5515 KAPA2G Robust HS 250 U
KK5517 KAPA2G Robust HS 500 U
KK5701 KAPA2G Robust HS RM 1.25 mL
KK5702 KAPA2G Robust HS RM 6.25 mL
KK5704 KAPA2G Robust HS RM+dye 1.25 mL
KK5705 KAPA2G Robust HS RM+dye 6.25 mL
KK5532 KAPA2G Robust HS+dNTPs 100 U
KK5516 KAPA2G Robust HS+dNTPs 250 U
KK5518 KAPA2G Robust HS+dNTPs 500 U
KK5004 KAPA2G Robust+dNTPs 100 U
KK5005 KAPA2G Robust+dNTPs 250 U
KK7251 KAPA3G Plant HS 250 U
KK7252 KAPA3G Plant HS 500 U