Kapa Genomics Reagents - FAQs

What products does the agreement cover?
The exclusive global distribution agreement covers Kapa’s qPCR and endpoint PCR portfolios. These products complement our broad life science offering and allow customers to take advantage of our strong eCommerce and logistics capabilities.

Products covered by the agreement include Kapa’s directed evolution routine PCR enzymes and their qPCR portfolio.

What products are not included in the agreement?

Roche Diagnostics, who acquired Kapa in December 2015, will assume distribution, sales, and support of the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) portfolio, including the Kapa HiFi kits. Roche remains committed to supporting these products and continuing to provide innovative new solutions in this area.

Will production, manufacturing and quality control remain with Kapa?

Yes, Kapa remains the legal manufacturer. The products will still have Kapa branding and packaging, and go through the Kapa quality control processes.

What does “global exclusive distribution agreement” mean?
The Kapa products noted above will be marketed, distributed and sold solely through our extensive global channels, with the exception of the United States,Japan and Brazil. This includes sigma-aldrich.com, the field sales force and global network. After January 1, we will act as the primary contact under the agreement for customer and technical support. The products will continue to be produced by Kapa.

What will happen to customer / technical support for these products?
We are currently working with Kapa to ensure processes are put in place to ensure customers will experience a seamless transition, with no disruption in ordering, service, or delivery once products are transitioned to our channels. After January 1, 2017 we will be responsible for all technical and customer service questions related to Kapa PCR and qPCR products.

What actions do customers need to take in light of this agreement?
No change to the buying process is required until January 2017 and Kapa will continue to provide customer support. After January 1, we will offer the products through normal channels including sigma-aldrich.com, institutional business-to-business (B2B) catalogs and dealers across the globe.

How will this benefit customers?
The powerful combination of Kapa’s high-quality products and the excellence of our service creates a strong value proposition for these products in the life science research community. Under the agreement, we will employ our sales, marketing and eCommerce expertise and leverage the strength of our relationships with the scientific community to present and distribute this core genomics portfolio. Roche will continue to serve customers in the life sciences market and will continue to provide products and support in NGS.

How will this agreement affect a customer’s current supply agreement?
No material effects are expected on current agreements during 2016. In the limited number of pre-existing Kapa supply agreements we are working with Roche and the individual customers to transition the terms and maintain supply continuity.

What if I have an existing contract or tender?
During implementation of this agreement, both parties are committed to customer care as a first priority. All pre-existing tenders and contracts are being reviewed, and we will evaluate the best option of how to proceed and communicate to you accordingly. If you have a supply agreement with Kapa, please make sure to contact one of our local sales leads.

Will Kapa’s product numbers change in your ordering system?

The Kapa product numbers will not change in our system.

What if I don’t have an account on sigma-aldrich.com?
An account can easily be opened with us by calling our customer service or visiting sigma-aldrich.com under Ordering.

Can customers still order products through Kapa’s website?
When will the products be available on the sigma-aldrich.com?
Products will remain available through Kapa through 2016. After January 1, products will be made available through us globally (with the exception of the Unites States, Japan and Brazil) and via sigma-aldrich.com. Further details will be communicated as they are available.

How can I determine whether a specific product number is included in the agreement?
A comprehensive list of included products will be available on www.sigma-aldrich.com/kapa. Please register to receive updated information as it is available.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Please visit www.sigma-aldrich.com/kapa. Further information is available and you will be able to register to receive updates.