Roche Biochemical Reagents

On-Site Stocking Programs

To ensure Roche customers are provided with high quality and sustainable support for on-site stocking programs, Roche and Sigma-Aldrich have mutually decided to move Biochemical Reagent products currently available in Roche-owned manual and automated Roche Prime Supply (RPS) programs, to Sigma-Aldrich solutions.

After July 1, 2015, the Biochemical Reagent portfolio will no longer be available through existing Roche manual or automated freezer programs.

Our teams are working closely with impacted customers to identify and implement a Sigma-Aldrich solution that will provide continued access to products previously hosted in Roche freezers.

The suite of Sigma-Aldrich solutions for on-site stocking programs vary depending on country and institution but, possibilities include:

  • Automated Sigma-Aldrich Stocking Center
  • Manual Sigma-Aldrich Stocking Center
  • Coordination with institution or campus-run stores
  • To avoid research disruption, shipping concessions may be available if none of the other on-site solutions are viable

To learn more about the transition specific to your institution, contact your Sigma-Aldrich sales representative.

In North America, you can also reach out to Research Sales Support.