X-tremeGENE™ Transfection Reagents

With over 20 years of transfection experience, Roche offers two next-generation transfection reagents, X-tremeGENE HP and X-tremeGENE 9 Reagents, that deliver reliability and comprehensive efficiency across common and hard-to-transfect cell lines. Created to meet the needs of researchers who require high efficiency, ease-of-use, and reproducibility, X-tremeGENE Transfection Reagents provide more viable cells and more physiologically relevant results. Built by the experts in transfection, X-tremeGENE transfection reagents offer a simple and straightforward protocol, best-in-class cytotoxicity levels, and excellent performance, allowing researchers to transfect with confidence.


Selection Table
Unsure which X-tremeGENE reagent is right for you? Check out our Selection Table for guidance, or contact us directly for a recommendation at genomicsproductsupport@sial.com.

Transfection Database
The Transfection Database makes it easy to find a reference for your specific application and cell type. This database consists of publications and feedbacks from successful customers describing the use of Roche Transfection Reagents. Check back soon for additional feedback and protocols!

• Cell Type Specific protocols
• Customer supplied protocols
Customer Testimony Video
For Alan Alfano, a cancer researcher at the University of Maryland, X-tremeGENE HP is the transfection reagent of choice. Click to hear his story.


X-tremeGENE is a trademark of Roche. For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.