HyStem™ Cell Culture

HyStem-HP Cell Culture Scaffold Kits

Customizable, well characterized and consistent, HyStem-HP hydrogel cell culture scaffolds provide a complex, three dimensional environment in which cells are able to proliferate, much as they would in vivo.

Each distinct cell type in a multicellular organism has its own unique microenvironment. HyStem-HP offers the flexibility to tailor the environments of cultured cells to mimic their in vivo counterparts and optimize proliferation and differentiation.

As a synthetic matrix, HyStem-HP offers greater control of the cellular environment than ambiguous extracted ECM alternatives. All components are well characterized and consistently formulated. HyStem-HP contains Hyaluronic acid (synthetic), Extralink (synthetic), Gelin-S (porcine), Heparin and Water.

Biologically accurate
Rich in hyaluronic acid and denatured collagen, the HyStem-HP hydrogel closely mimics the complex three dimensional cellular environments found in life, providing an optimal environment for culturing your cells.

Flexibility — HyStem-HP ensures complete control over:

  • Amount and type of GF incorporated
  • Cell encapsulation or plating on top of hydrogel
  • Cell-growth format (96- to 6-well plates and/or tissue-culture inserts)
  • Amount and type of ECM proteins incorporated
  • Hydrogel stiffness

Recommended for:
HyStem-HP is recommended for researchers planning to incorporate and gradually release growth factor into the stem cell environment.

With HyStem-HP, researchers can tailor the incorporation of ECM proteins and growth factors as well as the elasticity of the hydrogel and cell incorporation (encapsulations or top plating) to create the specific 3-D environment required by their cells.

Cell Types
The HyStem Hydrogel Kits are optimal for culturing stem cells whose natural environment is rich in hyaluronic acid (HA).

Cell Encapsulation
The HyStem platform accommodates cell encapsulations (true 3-D) as well as plating on top of the hydrogel for pseudo-3-D growth.

Cell Attachment
HyStem-C enables the attachment of a wide variety of cell types through Gelin-S (thiolated gelatin).

Growth Factor Incorporation
HyStem-HP enables ionic binding and slow release of growth factors through thiolated heparin; growth factors can be integrated via the matrix rather than cell culture medium. HyStem-HP also enables the attachment of a wide variety of cell types through Gelin-S (thiolated gelatin).


  • HyStem HP (H2541)
  • Gelin-S (G3673)
  • Extralink 2 (E6659)
  • Water, degassed (W3894)

Trial Kit: (HYSHP010) for 2.5 ml of HyStem-HP Hydrogel
Standard Kit: (HYSHP020) for 7.5 ml of HyStem-HP Hydrogel

The HyStem-HP Trial Kit enables researchers to evaluate the HyStem-C technology in their own hands and confirm that HyStem-C is the right choice for their research.

HyStem-HP is recommended for both in vivo and in vitro experimentation.

Reconstituted HyStem-HP components remain liquid at 15 to 37 °C. The hydrogel is formed when Extralink is mixed with HyStem-HP and Gelin-S. Gelation occurs about twenty minutes after all three components are mixed. No steps depend on low temperature or low pH. Diluting the components with phosphate- buffered saline (PBS) or cell-culture medium can increase gelation time.

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