HyStem™ Cell Culture

HyStem Glossary of Terms

Acinus(plural: acini) - The word comes from the latin word “grape”. It refers to the sac-like termination of a secretary exocrine gland. In vitro, mammary epithelial cells cultured in a laminin-rich matrix form acinus-like spheres.
Adult (or somatic) stem cell - Stem cells found in specific adult organs or tissues which can differentiate into specialized cell types within that organ or tissue. For example, a cancer stem cell can give rise to differentiated tumor cells. Adult stem cells are multipotent and hence can only differentiate into cells found in their own tissue of origin.
Astrocyte - A glial, neuron-supporting cell.
Allogeneic transplantation - Transplantation of cells, tissues, or organs between individuals of same species. For example, a kidney transplant from one donor to another recipient.
Autologous transplantation - Transplantation of cells, tissues, or organs within the same individual. For example, using a patient’s patellar tendon for anterior cruciate surgery reconstruction.