HyStem™ Cell Culture

Why HyStem™?

Why Three Dimensions?
In life, cells grow in three dimensions. They metabolize, communicate, respond to stimuli, and proliferate in the rich three-dimensional environment of the extracellular matrix (ECM). Numerous studies have documented that cells grown in two-dimension cultures do not behave has they would in vivo. In a three-dimensional environment, cells behave and respond more like they would in vivo to internal and external stimuli, such as changes in temperature, pH, nutrient absorption, transport, and differentiation.
Why a Synthetic Scaffold?
In the past, researchers have relied on extracted mouse tumor ECM products to promote three dimensional cell growth. While this tool has been useful to some, many researchers have struggled with inconsistent batches, high levels of growth factors, and the basic ambiguity of not knowing ECM’s biological composition. A synthetic alternative is needed.
Why Optimize
Each different cell type in a multicellular organism has its own unique microenvironment which is composed of several factors influencing the cell’s proliferative and differentiation status. In general, these factors fall into one of two categories: soluble cues (growth factors, metabolites, dissolved gases) and insoluble cues (the composition, architecture, and elasticity of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and cell-cell interactions). Since proliferation and differentiation of cells in culture has become increasingly important for basic research, drug discovery and tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, the incorporation of these cues for in vitro cultivation of cells is crucial for recreating a cell’s natural niche. Read More
HyStem Cell Culture Scaffold Kit
For researchers who require an animal component free system, for researchers who will customize with their own attachment factors and/or ECM proteins/peptides, and for researchers who require a minimal number of cell attachment sites.  Read More
HyStem-C Cell Culture Scaffold Kit:
For researchers who require a large number of generalized cell attachment sites for their stem cell culture(s).  Read More
Hystem-HP Cell Culture Scaffold Kit:
For researchers planning to incorporate and gradually release growth factors into the stem cell environment.  Read More