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Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. Sigma-Aldrich provides a suite of tools that offer lower off-target effects and reproducibility without time spent designing reagents and optimizing their conditions. Whether you are modulating the expression of your Gene-of-Interest (GOI) with RNAi reagents, performing over-expression, or simply quantifying the expression level in your samples with qPCR, you can find proven technologies with high-quality reagents from Sigma-Aldrich.  

Sigma’s exclusive MISSION® custom esiFlex provides highly specific gene silencing and flexible plating options. The sensitive and accurate KiCqStart® product line of easy-to-use qPCR reagents and primers were developed with MIQE guidelines in mind and remove the need to design your own primers. esiRNA and PCR reagents from Sigma-Aldrich eliminate the need to design and optimize your own reagents so you can spend time answering important biological questions.

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