A Focus on Reproducibility

Sigma-Aldrich has partnered with other industry leaders to promote and enhance reproducibility in scientific research. Browse this page to learn more.

Click here to read a recap of the UCSF Panel Debate on Reproducibility attended by Amanda Halford, VP Academic Research at Sigma-Aldrich.

Read our recent white paper, "Reining In Irreproducibility"






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Sigma-Aldrich is proud to work with industry leaders on a number of reproducibility initiatives:Academic Drug Discovery Consortium.


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Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide variety of high-quality products to help researchers avoid common barriers to reproducibility: lack of validation, batch-to-batch inconsistency and questionable quality. Click here to view highlighted products.


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Taking several small steps can reduce
the risk researchers unknowingly take
when running an experiment.



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Cell Culture
Despite the problems researchers may come across while running experiments, steps can be taken to validate cell culture, improve transparency and reduce risk.



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Small Molecules
Proper use and storage of small molecules are an important part of ensuring experiments can be reproduced. Learn about the three S’s: solvent, solubility, and stability.