Product Spotlight

Validation, rigorous identification, freedom from contamination and batch-to-batch consistency reduce the likelihood of irreproducibility. Supplier management ensures reproducible results over time.

ECACC Cell Culture
In partnership with The European Collection of Cell Cultures, a world leader and recognized expert in the maintenance, cultivation and distribution of authenticated, validated and mycoplasma free cell lines.
Prestige Antibodies
The most validated antibodies in the industry, with data available publicly through the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) Project.

Aldrich Market Select
Reliable delivery of screening compounds and building blocks from over 80 actively managed qualified vendors, ensuring that your hit is properly identified and has the highest chance for resupply.

Solvent Quality
Innovative packaging reducing residue, air and moisture contamination is coupled with stringent QC for high quality solvent with batch to batch consistency.
Validated Chemical Reagents
Our growing list of chemical reagents validated for the noted application by the chemical community or by Sigma-Aldrich R&D.
Academic Collaborations
Sigma-Aldrich provides breakthrough technology soon after initial disclosure allowing immediate global adoption of ground-breaking advances.