Genome Editing

CompoZr® Custom ZFN Service

Unlimited Genomic Engineering Possibilities in any Species or Cell Line

CompoZr Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) are a class of engineered DNA-binding proteins that facilitate highly specific targeted editing of any genome by creating double-stranded breaks in DNA at user specified locations.  You can use ZFNs to create your choice of stable genetically engineered cell lines or organisms with gene deletions, gene integrations and gene modifications.  The CompoZr Custom ZFN Service provides researchers with a functionally validated pair of ZFNs that have been custom designed and assembled to edit a target gene in a highly specific manner.  Modify any gene in any biological system!

The following graphic highlights the abundance of genetic modifications that may be conducted using the Custom ZFN Service in any species or cell type.

Zinc Finger Nuclease Description

Product No.
CSTZFND CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nuclease - with ZFN Plasmid only Check pricing
CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nuclease - with ZFN Plasmid and mRNA
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Watch the JOVE Video on Genome Editing with ZFNs

Now Available – Donor Design Service

The Donor Design Service can be used in conjunction with functionally validated CompoZr ZFNs to perform precise genome modifications in a variety of organisms or cell lines. Researcher-defined specifications are used to design in-silico donor sequences in plasmid DNA or single-stranded DNA (oligo) format. Once the donor sequence is received researchers should have the donor synthesized in preparation for targeted integration with the appropriate CompoZr ZFNs.


Comprehensive Technology

  • Ability to conduct genetic modifications in any cell line or organism of your choice
  • Quick, permanent and highly specific modification of any endogenous genome
  • Edits induced through a single transfection
  • Screen for gene disruption in as little as 48 hours
  • Single or biallelic edits occur in 1-20% of clone population
  • No antibiotic selection required for screening
  • Exceptional mutant rate in founder animals with high percentage of germline transmission

Our Advantage

  • Rapid design, assembly, and validation of a ZFN pair targeting your gene of interest
  • Immediately transfect your cell line once Custom ZFNs are received
  • Receive ZFNs as plasmid or as plasmid plus ZFN mRNA format
  • All Custom ZFN projects receive technical support from one of our ZFN technical liaisons

High Specificity

CompoZr Custom ZFN Components

For increased access to ZFN technology, we provide Custom ZFNs in two formats. The first format includes ZFNs as plasmids only, for an additional price ZFNs are provided as plasmids plus 10 aliquots of ready-to-use ZFN mRNA.

For functionally validated ZFNs targeting human, mouse, rat and CHO genomes:

  • Plasmid DNA for each ZFN in the pair
  • Forward and reverse primers for screening the DNA locus for mutation
  • Genomic DNA as a positive control for PCR (from validated samples where the target gene has been mutated using the supplied CompoZr Custom ZFN)
  • 10 aliquots of ready-to-deliver ZFN mRNA (optional component)

For all other organisms (non-validated):

  • Plasmid DNA for multiple ZFN pairs only

Researchers with human, mouse, rat and CHO ZFN projects receive the best performing pair of ZFNs after functional validation. Projects that are conducted in any other species are provided in the non-validated format.  

ZFN Custom Design Process

ZFN Candidate Design
Once an order is placed, our bioinformatics team will use the Sangamo proprietary algorithm to design ZFN candidates targeting the gene region of interest. This proprietary algorithm, continuously updated by Sangamo Biosciences and trained on feedback from validation testing, has been designed to yield ZFNs with high binding affinity to their specific target site.

ZFN Candidate Design Approval
Once the ZFN candidates have been designed, the selected candidates are sent to you, the customer, for verification. Only after the ZFN designs have been approved by you, do we start production.

ZFN Candidate Assembly
ZFN candidates approved by you will be assembled by the CompoZr ZFN Production Team. Using the Zinc Finger Protein (ZFP) modules from the proprietary Sangamo ZFN archive the production team will assemble sequence-specific ZFPs and attach the FokI nuclease domain creating a ZFN. ZFNs produced by us will have a 24-36 base pair specific target site.

ZFN Candidate Validation
The final step of the Custom CompoZr ZFN service involves validation of ZFN candidates.

  1. If the desired modification is in the human, mouse, rat or hamster genome, cell lines from the specific organism will be used for validation. Each ZFN pair constructed is transfected into the cells, and a mismatch sensitive assay is used to identify the functional ZFN pair. Cell line validated ZFNs require 10 weeks for production and validation, starting at your design approval.*
  2. If the desired modification is in the genome of any other organism, no functional validation is available.  All ZFN pairs that pass sequencing QC will be shipped to the customer (up to 8 ZFN pairs).

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