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Cell Culture fundamental to life science research in universities, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Whether your goal is to establish relevant cell models to answer research questions, or to produce recombinant proteins or virus particles , we have everything you need to keep your tissue culture room thriving.



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OmniPur® Water – Ready Stock


OmniPur® Water, WFI Quality, Sterile Purified Water, Cell Culture Tested - CAS 7732-18-5
  • Sterile by USP Standard
  • DNAse, Protease & RNAse Free
  • 0.025 EU/ml bacterial endotoxin


Product Code: 4.86505.1000



 1 Litre Packing
 Now @ RM70/bottle (Save 36%)

 RM66/bottle (Save 40%) for any purchases above RM500 in a single PO



OmniPur® Water – Ready Stock

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