Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a novel class of porous, crystalline, 3D networked materials formed by the assembly of metal ions or clusters with rigid organic linkers. The choice of metal and linker has significant effect on their structure and properties. MOFs contain pores of definite size, shape and functionality, which are often stable to elimination of guest solvent molecules, thus making them suitable for various applications such as gas adsorption, storage, separations, catalysis, sensors, drug delivery and many more.
Aldrich Materials Science offers a broad variety of metal precursors including inorganic secondary building units (SBU precursors), organic linkers and solvents as well as Basolite® MOFs for your MOF research.

To find the materials you need for MOF construction, or to learn the properties and applications of the different MOFs made with a specific linker or metal, visit our Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Constructor