Chitosan - Chitosan and Chitin

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Chitosan is a naturally occurring linear polysaccharide that comes from the deacetylation of chitin. This novel biomaterial yields after further hydrolysis an extremely low molecular weight oligosaccharide. Chitosan has many useful properties; it is nontoxic, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly with no acidic degradation products. Its major uses are in the development of edible films, polyurethane paint, and biopesticides, although common applications range from water treatment to chromatography, cosmetics, textile treatment, textiles, photographic papers, biomedical devices, tissue engineering and regeneration (wound healing), hemodialysis membranes, and implant coatings for controlled release in gene or drug delivery.

Our chitosan products are organized by origin (animal or non-animal derived), molecular weight, and chemical structure. Easily find the price of each of our chitosan polymers by selecting the pricing drop-down option in the table below. Deacetylation information is provided on individual product pages.

Get additional application notes by following the article links from any product detail page. Chitosan has been featured several times in our Material Matters scientific periodical.

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