Organic Photoinitiators

This list contains organic polymerization photoinitiators divided into classes to assist in locating a specific type or functionality. Blends of photoinitiators are often used to get the best total cure, cure speed, and minimal color formation. Dyes are used as sensitizers with photoinitiators to shift absorption wavelengths into the near UV and the visible regions. Combinations of dyes and photoinitiators can be selected such that absorption peaks are obtained throughout the entire visible spectrum, allowing the use of visible emission lasers to initiate photopolymerization. An extensive listing of dyes is found in the Photonic and Optical Materials section of the catalog. Please refer to the Photoinitiators resource found in the Learning Center at the Aldrich Polymer Science home-page for UV absorption spectra of the 48 most commonly used organic photoinitiators (at two concentrations) and a chart classifying the initiators as Norrsih Type I or II.