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Amidoethanol Surface Groups

PAMAM Dendrimers

Amidoethanol surface is a neutral alcohol surface group. These PAMAM dendrimers, with surfaces fully derivatized with externally presented amidoethanol groups, have higher solubility in less polar organic solvents. The neutral alcohol surface groups will be useful in applications where more neutral pH conditions are necessary.
Amidoethanol Surface Groups

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477834 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 2 solution 20 wt. % in methanol 2 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 16
477842 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 3 solution 3 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 32
477850 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 4 solution 10 wt. % in methanol 4 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 64
536814 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 5 solution generation 5, 5 wt.% in methanol 5 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 128
536822 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 6 solution 5 wt. % in methanol 6 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 256
536830 PAMAM-OH dendrimer, generation 7 solution 5 wt. % in methanol 7 ethylenediamine core (2-carbon core) 512
635227 PAMAM-amidoethanol dendrimer, 1,4-diaminobutane core, generation 6, solution 10 wt. % in methanol 6 1,4-diaminobutane core (4-carbon core) 256