Metal & Ceramic Science

Crystal Grade Materials for Display & Optoelectronics Research

We offer a wide selection of ultra high purity, ultra dry inorganic halides for the crystal growth for scintillation, optics, and dosimetry. Our ultra high purity crystal grade growth materials have a proven track record in increasing yield of high quality crystal growth for scintillators, dosimeters and other optical crystals. Products are available from development to commercial quantities (gram to ton scale). Custom particle sizes are available upon request. For more information on our products, capabilities and services, or for a competitive quote or sample, email or call (800) 231-8327.

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  • 99.999% (5N) pure cesium iodide and sodium iodide in multi-ton quantities
  • Ultra-pure, ultra-dry rare earth halides and thallium iodide as host and activation materials
  • Dedicated R&D with extensive experience in solid-state and solvothermal inorganic synthesis
  • Proprietary techniques used to manufacture material in beaded form

Custom services

  • Custom packaging options
  • Internal glass shop with extensive quartz as well as borosilicate expertise for custom vessels
  • Reprocessing capabilities for CsI and NaI crystal scrap
  • Custom specifications for scale-up of novel scintillator materials

Advantages of beaded morphology

  • Increase crucible loading beyond the limitation imposed by apparent powder density
  • Increase crystal yield
  • Reduce surface area; minimizes moisture adsorption, especially for hygroscopic material
  • Reduce static buildup; ideal for handling in a safe, dust free manner
  • Accurate doping to specific levels

Quality Assurance

  • Sophisticated analytical capabilities including ICP-MS trace metals analysis to ensure the highest quality materials
  • Material sealed in ampules using rigorous argon atmosphere glove box conditions
  • Dedicated dry room for packaging bulk quantities of hygroscopic salts

"Nines Purity"
The purity of our crystal grade inorganics is determined by:

  • Thorough analysis of all impurities using ICP-MS
  • Purity reported as total impurities subtracted from 100%
  • Batch-specific trace impurities are included in every Certificate of Analysis and provided with each shipment

For more information on our products, capabilities and services, please contact your Sigma-Aldrich account manager or our technical specialists in the Sigma-Aldrich Materials Science Program:
414-298-7971 (telephone) or We invite your custom requests for ultra-pure, ultra-dry compositions and specifications to realize improved properties for your scintillator and optical crystals.