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Ferrocenes: Essential in the Design of Novel Electrochemical Systems

6-(Ferrocenyl)hexanethiol for Self-Assembly on Gold Surfaces

The electrochemical behavior of surface-modified electrodes is of interest for both fundamental and applied materials science. Among the different strategies which can be used to prepare such modified electrodes, the gold-alkane thiol self-assembly system has proven to be particularly attractive. It allows the creation of highly organized molecular thin films on gold electrodes. 1,2

Combined processes of molecular-scale recognition and surface self-assembly offer a powerful route to novel sensing systems based on analyzing interactions at nano-scale. Redox active ferrocene moiety in the selective electrochemical sensing has been found to be particularly interesting and methods of surface self-assembly for the fabrication of sensory devices are being developed. 3
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6-(Ferrocenyl)hexanethiol for self-assembly on gold surface (682527)

The redox potentials of the title material are provided below to help you in designing novel electrochemical systems.


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682527 6-(Ferrocenyl)hexanethiol

We hope that this novel material will help you explore and create new systems by applying the rapidly developing area of self-assembly.


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