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Lumidots™ are Quantum Dot (QD) nanoparticles – semiconductor nanocrystals that emit monochromatic light (luminesce) under light or electrical stimulation. We offer a complete line of core-shell CdSe/ZnS Lumidots™ with emission colors spanning the entire visible spectrum. The core-shell Lumidots™ have bright and narrow emission combined with improved stability for demanding optoelectronics and imaging applications. Additionally, single-component (core) CdSe and CdS Lumidots™ are available in convenient kits grouped in UV (CdS) and visible (CdSe) spectral regions.

Core-shell Lumidots™
In collaboration with Nanoco Technologies, Ltd., we are pleased to offer core-shell Lumidots™ – the highest quality CdSe/ZnS quantum dot nanocrystals for your demanding research applications.

Benefits include: Emission spectra of Lumidot CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals graph
(click to enlarge)
  Narrow size distribution
  Bright, narrow emission characterized by
high Quantum Yield 30-50% and narrow
Full-Width-at-Half-Maximum (FWHM)
  Core-shell structures for improved
luminescent yield and stability in
  Supplied as easy-to-handle 5 mg/ml
solutions in toluene

Core-shell Lumidot™ nanoparticles are surface-stabilized with organic ligands and are available in 2 ml and 10 ml packages. Click on product numbers in the table below to view individual product pages with detailed technical and order information.

Product Name Color Emission Peak
(± 5 nm)
Emission FWHM
Extinction Coefficient*
(105 cm-1 M-1)
Particle Size*
Product #
Lumidot™ 480 Blue 480 <40 0.02 2.5 694592
Lumidot™ 510 Pale Green 510 <40 0.045 3.0 694657
Lumidot™ 530 Green 530 <40 0.065 3.3 694649
Lumidot™ 560 Yellow 560 <40 0.97 3.4 694630
Lumidot™ 590 Orange 590 <40 1.6 4.0 694622
Lumidot™ 610 Red 610 <40 4.90 5.2 694614
Lumidot™ 640 Deep Red 640 <60 5.90 6.3 694606
*Typical values. Lot-specific values supplied with certificate of analysis.

Lumidot™ Kits
CdS and CdSe Lumidot™ kits contain groups of simple single-component (core) nanocrystals with emission spectra across UV (CdS) and visible (CdSe) parts of spectrum. The kits provide a convenient and cost-effective option to explore application of QDs for your research. Core QDs are less stable and have lower quantum yields compared to core-shell nanocrystals. However, they are inexpensive and can offer advantages for applications requiring simple single-component semiconductor nanoparticles.

Product Name Emission Range
Kit Content Product #
Lumidot™ CdS-6 Kit 360–460 6 × 25 mg CdS QD nanocrystals
in 5 ml toluene
Lumidot™ CdSe-6 Kit 480–640 6 × 25 mg CdSe QD nanocrystals
in 5 ml toluene

Technical Notes

Introduction to QD properties and applications: read article by Prof. Philippe Guyot-Sionnest in Material Matters 2.1 (2.2 Mb PDF).

Lumidot™ FAQ (150 Kb PDF): Frequently Asked Questions about using QD nanocrystals.

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