Nanomaterial Bioconjugation Techniques

Nanomaterial Bioconjugation Techniques

 The Future of Bioimaging

Nanomaterial Bioconjugation Techniques The combination of nanomaterials and biomolecules is an exciting and rapidly developing area of biomedical and diagnostics innovation. This handbook is a guide for surface modification and bioconjugation of inorganic nanomaterials with applications in diagnostics.

With a foreword by leading bioconjugation expert, Dr. Greg Hermanson, the handbook is organized into three themes for easy navigation:
  • Magnetic imaging
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Optical-based imaging

This handbook is a must-have for those working at the intersection of nanomaterials, engineering and diagnostics innovation.

Featured Articles
METHOD: Fluorescent Silica
Nanoparticle Bioconjugation

Authors: Maria Ada Malvindi, Enrico Binetti, Pier Paolo Pompa

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Plasmonic Materials and Their
Applications in Diagnostics

Authors: Bo Zhang, Jeyarama S. Ananta, Meijie Tang, Hongjie Dai

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