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We're inspired by your passion for rigorous science that keeps our world moving. Our innovative Milli-Q® water purification solutions let you keep your focus on your work, not your lab water.

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Find the perfect ultrapure water system for your lab. Whether you need one or multiple dispensers, advanced or simplified data management, or a full qualification program, Milli-Q® ultrapure systems give you more options to better fit your lab’s needs—and constraints.

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The Milli-Q® IX water purification system supports the needs of labs in regulated environments, where compliance, accuracy and efficiency are paramount (e.g. food & beverage, environmental and industrial testing labs; clinical labs; pharma industry). It also supports research and innovation laboratories to discover and develop the next big thing-faster (e.g. academia, research institutes, pharmaceutical research, biotech).

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At Milli-Q® Services, we provide best-in-class service plans and maintenance options to meet your individual needs. Plus, MyMilli-Q™ Digital Services simplifies system management and allows remote monitoring and support.

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Water for every application

The Milli-Q® IQ 7003/7005/7010/7015 fully integrated water purification system is your ultimate lab water solution, providing superior quality Type 1 and Type 2 water directly from tap water.

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Greater lab productivity

Milli-Q® CLX 7000 connected purification systems provide an economical and reliable high-performance water purification solution for clinical diagnostics with pure water needs up to 3000 L daily.

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Solutions for the food and beverage industry

Our high-quality products, reliable testing solutions and regulatory expertise ensure both beverage and food safety.

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Good Water Practices for Reliable LC-MS and ICP-MS Analyses.

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We provide current and future customers with many opportunities to personally experience our products and services by participating in many regional, national, and international tradeshows and industry events each year. We hope to see you soon.

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