Raw materials precisely tailored to your needs.

We offer an extensive portfolio and team of raw material and regulatory experts who specialize in tailoring raw materials to meet your exact needs for quality, performance and safety.

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Explore SAFC® solutions for pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Cell Culture Solutions

Expression systems, culture media, supplements and upstream ingredients in ready-to-use options and customized to your specifications.

Process Chemicals & Services

Ready-to-use and customized process chemicals are available in a wide range of quality grades, formats, sizes, and certification levels to deliver exactly what your process needs.

APIs & Contract Manufacturing Services

Comprehensive services spanning analytical and process development and contract manufacturing to support the development, scale-up and manufacture of complex APIs and ADCs.

Formulation Development and Manufacturing

Our broad range of GMP products covers raw materials for the development and manufacturing of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules.

Application Guides

Browse our Biopharmaceutical Application Guide and Pharmaceutical Application Guide to help you find the right solutions for your process needs.

New SAFC® products & services

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