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Whatever amazing research projects you’re working on, the Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio is here to support you. We are always expanding our global portfolio of cutting-edge lab and production materials, so we can be there with you when your Impossible becomes reality.

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ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes

Discover stable isotope products ranging from gases to complex molecules, including amino acids, carbohydrates, bioactive compounds, and salts – all with isotopic labeling.


Advanced genomics

Discover our ready-to-use and custom functional genomics products, available in a variety of formats for a vast number of applications.


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Meet Dr. Anna Regoutz

She’s on a mission to revolutionize our electronic devices – but as her crucial experiment goes on into the night, will she get the results she needs?

This video was produced before the Covid-19 crisis started. We take our responsibility seriously and fully comply with all protection rules.

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