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Gaining Efficiencies During Fill Finish

The fill-finish process is a critical aspect of drug manufacturing to assure safe therapeutic drug products are provided to patients. Our expertise can help you examine ways to address risks of this critical step in the manufacturing process.

Increase Productivity and Manage Risk

Drug manufacturers face pressure to efficiently and effectively advance pipeline assets while minimizing risks associated with product loss, product contamination, sterility and patient safety.


Single-use fill-finish assemblies can improve filling line productivity - providing flexibility to manufacture a variety of drug products and fill volumes while mitigating contamination risks.

However, single-use fill finish assemblies require rigorous process validation to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. Steps which can be taken to ensure this validation are:

  • A systemic and thorough evaluation of the assembly manufacturing and filling process
  • An accurate interpretation of regulatory requirements
  • A step-wise approach to identify and mitigate risks associated with process components

Learn more about how to increase manufacturing flexibility while mitigating risk using single-use assemblies.