Incubation Centre Partnership

Lifescience Incubation Centres will have unique needs beyond those of standalone biotech companies. For life science suppliers to be effective partners for biotech incubators requires not just comprehensive instrument, supply and reagent offerings, but scientific and regulatory expertise as well as the most efficient eCommerce and business service capabilities.

Our catalog offers over 300,000 of the most trusted products for the life sciences, backed by the expertise of R&D scientists at our 130 facilities worldwide. Our global presence means your lab cluster benefits from our significant international regulatory and supply chain experience, and dedicated field sales, service and application personnel in 67 countries.

  • Essential lab products from trusted names
    Our catalog includes chemicals from Sigma-Aldrich, Millipore membranes and sterile filtration, Milli-Q® lab water solutions, and premier Roche products

  • Capabilities at every stage of pharmaceutical development—from discovery to manufacture

  • Reagents and processing solutions customized for your needs
    From bulk manufacturing and oligo production to custom packaging, we can help you plan for your most efficient configuration

  • Generous startup pricing for new lab ventures