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 Safe Handling of Air-Sensitive Pyrophorics

Many of the compounds involved in organometallic chemistry are air-sensitive and must be handled in a controlled environment, isolated from the atmosphere. As well, volatile or pyrophoric (pyrophorus or fire-bearing) reactants are required in some organic preparations. Even small amounts of these reactants can ignite spontaneously in air, which can initiate a lab fire.

The Safe Handling of Air-Sensitive Pyrophorics education course provided by Sigma-Aldrich is the ONLY online training aimed at providing best practices for handling these types of highly reactive chemicals at all stages of their life cycle. Advantages of the course include:

  • Expertise: Extensive scientific knowledge and safety experience provided by our scientists are built into an immersive online format
  • Safety: How-to videos and knowledge-building examples included; decision points are illustrated with real-life lab scenarios
  • Interactive Experience: 24-hour access; Knowledge assessment follows each course section; real-time feedback provided on responses
  • PI / Lab Manager Focus: Administrators have access to their students’ course reports; single / multiple license options available
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