eScan Frequently Asked Questions

 How Does eScan Work?

1. Assessing and Scanning Stock
The mini scanner works in conjunction with an Android tablet or smart phone typically supplied by us.

  • Step 1 – The scanner is used to capture customer specific data such as a cost center or department code.
  • Step 2 – Barcodes are scanned, and product information is displayed on the tablet or smartphone.
  • Step 3 – Quantities can be amended before completing the transaction.

2. Communication with the Scanner Portal
The tablet or smartphone connects to the internet via WiFi or 3G, and immediately posts transactions to the web based scanner portal.

3. Replenishment
The scanner portal consolidates transactions into a daily or weekly order which is then delivered to your site, facilitated via a blanket purchase order.

4. Reporting
Log on to the scanner portal to access and download reports, giving you full visibility of all transactions and orders.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Will eScan cost anything to install or run?
No, eScan is provided as a free-of-charge service. We provide all the hardware, product/cost-centre barcodes, stock, storage, refrigeration and on-going support at no expense to you. In addition, replenishment orders will incur no delivery charges. You just pay for the products at your pre-agreed pricing.

Can eScan run a large, complex store?
Yes. eScan was designed with large stores in mind.

Can I use eScan to manage stock from other vendors?
Yes. eScan will scan barcodes from any vendor.

Are the products bar-coded?
No. To ensure consistent and reliable data capture, we typically bar-code the shelves or hold the product barcodes in a book. Barcode format will be tailored to your specific needs.

I’d like to set up a satellite store within a laboratory. Is eScan suitable?
Absolutely, and if you don’t need to capture cost centre, we can switch that functionality off.

What are the system requirements?
eScan requires either a WiFi network or a cell-phone connection. Our first choice is to connect to your public WiFi network, but if that isn’t possible there needs to be a cell-phone signal at the site of the store.

How quickly can we set-up and start?
Once we have agreed and signed terms and conditions installation can happen quickly, typically within a week. We would arrange a date to come in, install the system and barcode your stock room.

Does eScan interface with my eProcurement system?
Not at the moment (the system is designed to work in conjunction with a blanket PO), but we will be looking at integration with the common eProcurement platforms in the near future.

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