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In Vitro

Welcome to the edition of BioFiles IN VITRO Sigma-Aldrich Newsletter devoted to histology and haematology.

With BioFiles IN VITRO, we take an approach by putting the spotlight on our customers and making your research the central theme. Each issue of BioFiles IN VITRO will feature an article and an interview with one of our customers on some fundamental aspect of their work. By tapping into our customer base for content, we hope to make BioFiles IN VITRO an interesting read, and also give a taste of the wonderful diversity of your research and the multifarious nature of the scientific disciplines we serve.

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Issue 7
Interview with Dr. Adel M. H. Azab
This Quarter, BioFiles IN VITRO features:

  • Interview with Dr. Adel M.H. Azab, Deputy Director for production ate the Veterinary Serum and Vaccines Research Institute of Cairo, Egypt
  • Staining Protocol Series: ACCUSTAINTM Gomori's and Masson's Trichrome Stain
  • Prestige Antibodies® as tools in detection studies and Biomarker discovery
  • Comparative genomic hybridization of DNA amplified with GenomePlex®

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