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A1542 Ammonium acetate for molecular biology, ≥98%
A2706 Ammonium acetate solution for molecular biology, 7.5 M
A4418 Ammonium sulfate for molecular biology, ≥99.0%
B6768 Boric acid BioReagent, for molecular biology, suitable for cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture, ≥99.5%
E0276 EPPS BioPerformance Certified, suitable for cell culture, ≥99.5% (titration)
H4034 HEPES BioPerformance Certified, ≥99.5% (titration), suitable for cell culture
H3784 HEPES sodium salt BioPerformance Certified, suitable for cell culture, ≥99.5%
H3662 HEPES sodium salt solution 1M, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture
H3537 HEPES solution BioPerformance Certified, 1 M, suitable for cell culture, 0.2 μm filtered
M8787 Magnesium chloride solution PCR Reagent, 25 mM MgCI2 solution for PCR
M3409 Magnesium sulfate solution for molecular biology, 1.00 M±0.04 M
221287 Manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate ACS reagent, ≥98%
P9541 Potassium chloride for molecular biology, ≥99.0%
S7795 Sodium carbonate BioXtra, ≥99.0%
S3014 Sodium chloride for molecular biology, DNase, RNase, and protease, none detected, ≥99% (titration)
S3264 Sodium phosphate dibasic for molecular biology, ≥98.5% (titration)
T5816 Tricine BioPerformance Certified, suitable for cell culture, ≥99% (titration)
T9534 Triethanolamine hydrochloride BioXtra, ≥99.5% (titration)
T9650 Tris Acetate-EDTA buffer 10× concentrate, BioReagent, for molecular biology, non-sterile; 0.2 μm filtered
T4415 Tris-Borate-EDTA buffer BioReagent, suitable for electrophoresis, 10× concentrate
T6066 Trizma® base BioPerformance Certified, meets EP, USP testing specifications, suitable for cell culture, ≥99.9% (titration)