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C9802 Cover glasses size 22 mm × 22 mm
C7931 Cover glasses size 24 mm × 40 mm
C8181 Cover glasses size 24 mm × 50 mm
C9056 Cover glasses size 24 mm × 60 mm
Z265985 Dissecting scissors L 5 1/2 in., Mayo, straight
F4267 Dressing tissue forceps L 6 in.
Z252972 Enviro-Safe® thermometer -20-150 °C temperature, immersion level, 76 mm Green Alternative
H6644 Humidity chamber overall size 9 in. × 4 in., trays size 8 in. × 2 1/2 in. , with lid
Z380253 Jars Nalgene® style 2118 capacity 500 mL
Z188956 Kimwipes® disposable wipers L × W 4 1/2 in. × 8 1/2 in.
Z377821 PAP pen for immunostaining 5 mm tip width
Z672548 PAP pen for immunostaining 2 mm tip width
P0425 Poly-Prep Slides poly-L-lysine coated glass slides
S5641 Scienceware® Coplin staining jar with screw cap high-density polyethylene
Z648205 Securline lab marker II lab marker, for use on plastic embedding cassettes and frosted end of microscope slides, black, 5/cs
SL2 Sigmacote® siliconizing reagent for glass and other surfaces
S4651 Silane-Prep Slides glass slides coated with silane (aminoalkylsilane).
S8400 Slides, microscope frosted one end, size 25 mm × 75 mm
S9027 Slides, microscope opaque (white), size 25 mm × 75 mm
S8902 Slides, microscope plain, size 25 mm × 75 mm
Z648191 STATMARK permanent marker for cassette & slide marking pkg of 12 ea
Z672122 Tissue processing/embedding cassettes with lid pkg of 500 ea
Z719137 Wash Bottle capacity 500 mL (16 oz)
S5516 Wheaton Coplin staining jars 5 slide jar with ground glass cover
S5766 Wheaton Coplin staining jars 5 slide jar with plastic screw cap