2016 Testing Partnership Program


 Increase your testing performance and productivity with help from Sigma-Aldrich

The Testing Partnership Program is a new initiative designed to provide you with savings on essential items needed for testing. This program is intended to build a strong starting point to a growing partnership with commercial testing labs.

Whether you are starting a new testing lab, never purchased from us before, or only purchased in small amounts, you can utilize the 2016 Testing Partnership Program for significant savings on the products you use most.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 88% off on chemicals, standards, reagents, and other products for 3 full months
  • No limits on your order value or the number of times you order
  • Free shipping on orders over $300**

After registering, we will send your Testing Partnership Program reference number within 4 business days. Simply reference this number every time you order to receive your savings.

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Save When You Spend More
Spend $1,000 on a single order and save an additional 5%*
Spend $2,500 on a single order and save an additional 10%*

Discounts across a broad range of our over 250,000 products

Analytical Products
Reagents, Inorganic Salts & Solutions
HLPC/LC-MS Solvents
ACS Solvents

Acids & Bases
Products for Protein Assays
Hematology & Histology
Up to 22% Off List Price
Up to 25% Off List Price
Up to 88% Off List Price
Up to 86% Off List Price
Up to 86% Off List Price
Up to 69% Off List Price
Up to 10% Off List Price
Up to 40% Off List Price
Up to 39% Off List Price

* Per transaction orders over $300 will receive free freight plus a $3 fuel surcharge for standard delivery. Additional charges will apply for overnight, hazardous material, and/or truck shipments.