PLA & PLGA Biodegradable Polymers

sustained drug release

Fine tune your release profile with our PLA & PLGA polymers

Optimize the release kinetics of your final drug products and choose your poly (D,L-lactic acid)(PLA) and/or poly (D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) biodegradable polymers from our wide portfolio. You can also use our customization capabilities to manufacture the polymer with the characteristics that you need.

PLA and PLGA-based formulations have widely demonstrated their suitability for the sustained release of therapeutics. The United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency have approved several drug products that are on the market and many more are in clinical development. The reduction of side effects and the improvement of patient comfort and compliance are amongst the reasons for these formulations’ success.

Our polymers are manufactured in Europe and are subject to robust QC specifications which were developed with the end dosage form in mind. Our GMP polymers include specifications such as bioburden and consider elemental impurity requirements based on ICHQ3D. Small, representative non-GMP test packets are available for the full portfolio. We offer both small and large-scale manufacturing following ICHQ7 Chapter 19 standards (for use in clinical trials) and boast an excellent track record of customer and FDA audits. We are your perfect global partner for top-quality biodegradable polymers. Contact us for a consultation.

Benefits of our PLA & PLGA polymer portfolio:

  • Allows optimization of your early formulation without the need of custom manufacturing
  • Both small and large scale GMP manufacturing available based on your needs
  • Technical support, both formulation and analytical, available through our internal experts

Our PLA & PLGA portfolio allows you to find the best polymer for your drug delivery system: