Cell Line Engineering and Development by the CHOZN® Platform Team

We recognize the need for robust, efficient cell lines in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. More efficient cell lines can significantly reduce production costs and timelines. Generating and isolating these high producing cell lines or clones can often be a labor intensive endeavor. Outsourcing the engineering of production cell lines allows you to focus your R&D efforts in developing new therapeutics while our team of highly trained scientists isolates your production line.

The CHOZN® Platform Development Team leverages several molecular biology technologies, most notably CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease Technology, to engineer mammalian lines for customers to use in bioproduction. Our mission is to facilitate customer’s research and manufacturing needs through application of our experience in cell engineering technologies. We can also perform custom cell line development of recombinant cell lines in our CHOZN® GS CHO Cell Line. Alternatively, we can perform the work in your host cell line.

Engage our team to discuss your specific needs by sending a brief email to CHOZN@sial.com to connect with our scientists. Projects can be initiated by discussing your project goals with a representative and subsequent acceptance of a proposal prepared by our team.

Applications of Cell Lines from the CHOZN® Cell Line Engineering and Development Team in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • The CHOZN® team can perform Cell Line Engineering or Cell Line Development Services. Projects may include:
    • Recombinant cell line development
    • Host cell line engineering (CHO or other cell lines) used for commercial manufacturing
    • Targeted integration of recombinant genes into "hot spots"
    • Eliminate viral components in host cell
    • Glycoengineering applications
    • More efficient lines can save production costs
    • Outsourcing of cell line optimization is beneficial

Project Phases for Standard Cell Line Engineering Project

Cell line engineering and cell line development projects are divided into phases so that invoicing only occurs after completion of a phase. Technical communication between your R&D team and ours allows the project to move smoothly through the phases with mutual agreement between teams to progress with the project.

Stage Description Estimated Time
(in Weeks)
1 Program Initiation and Technology Transfer 1
2 ZFN Design and Validation 8–12
3 ZFN Preparation, Transfection and Activity Confirmation 2
4 Single Cell Cloning and Characterization 8–12
5 1Mycoplasma and Sterility Testing and Clone Delivery TBD

1Time and cost to be provided by quote.

Project Phases for Standard Cell Line Development Project

Stage Description Estimated Time
(in Weeks)
1 Program Initiation and Technology Transfer 2
2 Expression Vector Construction 4–6
3 Stable Pool Generation and Characterization 7–9
4 Single Cell Cloning and Characterization 12
Genetic Stability Study 12
1Protein Quality Assessment 4–6
7 1,2Clone Safety Testing and Transfer 4

1These stages will be performed in parallel to M5.
2Price will be based on quote.

Additional Optional Work

Stage Description Estimated Time
(in Weeks)
Custom Media, Feed and Process Development TBD
MCB Generation and Characterization TBD

3Price will be based on quote.               
4Price will be based on quote.

Why use our CHOZN® Platform Development Team?

  • Expertise – We have been involved in development projects and collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies for years
  • Modular service options and add-ons – Custom service to fit the your precise needs
  • Resources (efficiency) – Access to latest technology (CompoZr™ ZFNs, MISSION® RNAi), no additional resources, labor, training or capital equipment required
  • Effective – Cell line delivered ready for immediate use
  • Assured – Fully documented and quality assured production and control
  • Dedicated and Experienced – CHOZN® Platform Development Team will work closely with you to create your cell line
  • Managed – Each project has dedicated project management so that time lines and deliverables are prioritized and met

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