CHOZN® ZFN-Modified CHO Cell Lines

The foundation for biopharmaceutical companies to develop a platform production process, thus enabling regulatory acceptance and commercial consistency, is a robust cell line that maintains favorable growth and productivity characteristics.

We have created a series of zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) modified CHO cell lines with characteristics that are attractive in a platform cell line to biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers. These characteristics include selecting the cells for their capacity to exhibit:

  • Cloning robustness with low or no selection required
  • High growth and productivity – both Qp and volumetric
  • Suspension growth in chemically-defined media
  • Responsiveness to feeds
  • Scalability in bioreactors
  • Complete traceability and safety testing

CHOZN ZFN-Modified CHO Cell Lines

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Product Information Sheet
CHOGS CHOZN ZFN-modified GS-/- CHO Cell Line TB (PDF) /

CHOZN CHO K1 Cell Line

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Product Information Sheet

CHOK1 CHOZN CHO K1 Host Cell Line TB (PDF) /

First Commercially Available CHO K1 GS Knockout Cell Line

Features Benefits
GS-/- CHO K1 Enables rapid development of recombinant cell lines by strong metabolic selection

GS knockout enables strong metabolic selection without the addition of MSX (GS inhibitor)

Fewer clones need to be screened to isolate robust, high-producers = decreased cell line development resources

GS selection is industry accepted method

No IP or associated royalties
CHOZN GS-/- cell line developed by targeted mutagenesis using the ZFN technology Significant decrease in the possibility for off-target mutations that result from traditional mutagenesis strategies
Cell line adapted to suspension growth in chemically defined, animal component free media Regulatory friendly

Easy to scale up
Cells originated from ECACC CHO K1 Cell maintain CHO K1 robust growth characteristics
cGMP manufactured, full viral testing, complete traceability Regulatory Friendly
Comprehensive protocols detailing recommended selection strategies

Trouble shooting with readily accessible technical
Easy to use

CHOZN ZFN-Modified DHFR-/- CHO Cell Line

Features Benefits
DHFR deficient CHO K1 parental Rapid metabolic selection of recombinant drug-producing cell lines

Enables further gene amplification

No IP or associated royalties
CHOZN DHFR-/- line developed by targeted mutagenesis with ZFNs Greatly reduced risk of off-target deleterious effects relative to traditional mutagenesis
Cell line adapted to suspension in chemically-defined and animal component free medium Regulatory friendly and enhanced safety

Easy to scale up
Derived from original ECACC CHO K1 Maintain favorable CHO K1 growth – lower doubling-time and reduced clumping when compared to DG44
Complete trace-ability and rigorous safety testing Enhanced reliability and regulatory-friendly