Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Development with an Integrated Upstream Solution

CHOZN® & UCOE® Combined Platform

The UCOE (Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Elements) technology uses naturally occurring DNA sequences capable of creating and maintaining open chromatin to enable high, stable transgene expression, regardless of the integration site. When included in a plasmid alongside the transgene of interest, these UCOE elements greatly increase the number of high expressing clones that can be isolated within a single cell line development process.

  • Accelerate your cell line development by increased efficiency of isolating high producing clones with 8-fold more clone candidate pools and double number of clones expressing more than 3g/L
  • Increase cell line development success with hard-to-produce molecules
  • Achieve high and stable titers to expedite your cGMP manufacturing with fewer resources

The CHOZN® Omics Explorer

The CHOZN® GS-/-, fully-annotated, genome and transcriptome is available via a user-friendly, web-based interface, the CHOZN® Omics Explorer, that provides an unprecedented ability to characterize and genetically examine the host cell line and associated manufacturing clones. The full genetic and trancriptomic transparency will maximize your efficiency to:

  • Characterize transgene integration events with increased precision and confidence
  • Characterize and compare the host cell line with associated manufacturing clones
  • Better understand the underlying biology of favorable phenotypes
  • Plan complex genome engineering strategies
  • Design and utilize genome-wide screening tools Using our proprietary CHOZN® GS-/- cell line, a de novo genome, transcriptome assembly and annotation was performed utilizing second generation (Illumina®) sequencing, third generation long-read (PacBio® Sequel) sequencing as well as ultra-long range interaction mapping via sequencing of Hi-C and CHiCAGO® libraries.