Improving productivity, reducing complexity and mitigating risk is the goal of every Process Development Scientist. For over 20 years, IGF-I has been a proven cGMP cell culture growth factor used LONG®R3 by industry leading biotech companies for commercial biologic processes. 200 x more potent than insulin, available as a lyophilized powder or an easy to use liquid – no other growth factor provides the potency, safety or flexibility for streamlined process development and manufacturing peace of mind.

  • Maximize Productivity in Chemically-Defined Cell Culture Media
  • Designed for Cell Culture Manufacturing
  • Improve Productivity and Cell Culture Stability
  • Gain Greater Stability and Enhanced Performance
  • Designed for Commercial Manufacturing

   LIQUID 91550C


Industry Need
SAFC Feature Benefit
Greater Cell Productivity Increased cell density
Promotes cell proliferation and higher titer
Maximizes growth in cell culture applications
Maintain higher viability Greater cell culture stability
Prolongs cell culture activity
Optimize Cost in Use Highly potent High titer and lower cost in use
200x more effective than insulin Reduced risk with greater performance
Regulatory Compliant Manufactured according to applicable GMP guidelines (ICH Q7) Designed for use in cell culture manufacturing
Meets highest regulatory criteria for raw materials
Trusted supply chain 20 year track record of high quality and consistency
Validated and controlled manufacturing processes Reduced risk by management of change
Animal-free Ideal for animal-free, chemically-defined products
Actively used in regulatory-approved commercial products Regulatory piece of mind
Established Supply Chain Readily available inventory Security of supply: Available for immediate shipment
Cold chain storage Kept in controlled cold storage until ready to ship