Trace Metal Testing

Trace Metal Testing

Trace Metals are those metal salt ingredients found in cell culture products, which are in trace levels, generally in ug/L or ug/kg amounts. The source of the trace metal ingredients are either by formulation addition or as unintended impurities inherent in the cell culture supply chain.

We can do the testing to ensure that you are aware of certain trace metal levels in your cell culture products. Access to this data provides greater insight into your process to help you manage trace metal variability.

Contact your sales representative to discuss these two options for trace metal testing:

  1. Finished Product Testing; an analytical service designed to measure and report the level of ten cell culture relevant trace metals. This quantitative testing is available for both liquid and dry powder cell culture products. Results are reported on the product certificate of analysis.
  2. Customer Collaboration Project; we have the technical expertise within our Raw Material Characterization team to investigate and recommend possible solutions to manage the variability and impact of these unintended sources, noting changes to the prevailing supply chain may not be possible.

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