Biosimilar Development Solutions

Nothing has more impact on how you finish, than how you start. The CHOZN® platform offers a proven, integrated GMP solution that jumpstarts biosimilar development, accelerates scale-up and safeguards manufacturing. Use a cell line, media and feed that begin with the end in mind.

Get there first and win the race to market.

 Cell Line Engineering

The CHOZN portfolio provides customizable services for cell line engineering and cell line development. CHOZN scientists deliver manufacturing clones for expressing your protein, in a timeframe that supports your development timelines. And with SAFC protein quality screening and technical support services, we can help you identify the right profiles, recommend the best selection strategies for your project and provide detailed protocols.

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SAFC media and feeds increase productivity and speed without sacrificing quality. Our EX-CELL® Glycosylation (Gal+) protein quality supplement jumpstarts profile matching, and EX-CELL® Advanced™ cell culture system is optimized to work seamlessly with the CHOZN® platform and other cell lines. It’s tested to ensure bioreactor scalability and performance, delivering 3- to 5-fold increases in productivity.

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Using Glycosylation Control
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