APIs & Key Intermediates

From pre-clinical development to commercial manufacturer, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical APIs, SAFC offers complete pipeline support. As a leading Contract Manufacturer Organization for more than 25 years, SAFC’s comprehensive range of enabling technologies and established global supply chain provides clients with direct access to a broad range of raw materials, key intermediates and customized solutions, in addition to SAFC’s certified-quality compliance programs.

  • Global cGMP facilities for clinical to commercial scale API manufacturing
  • A wide range of specialized technical capabilities and development/scale-up services
  • Analytical development and testing
  • Regulatory support and quality expertise

Sampling of Technical Complex Capabilities

SAFC’s breadth of services includes specific, localized expertise for a number of exciting capabilities:

Total Supply Chain Partner

  • Six cGMP manufacturing sites in Europe and the U.S. for registered intermediates and API supplies
  • Immediate access to more than 100,000 starting materials
  • Network of more than 10,000 qualified vendors
  • Milligram to ton quantities of raw materials
  • Custom packaging configuration and Quality Control
  • Financial stability to support long-term projects

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