Partnering with Experts in Catalysis

SAFC recently partnered with CatScI Limited, a catalysis company with a technology platform that is differentiated through access to complex molecules in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Additionally, customers can take advantage of both chemical and biological catalytic screening. This collaboration provides a single source for high-quality, high-value fundamental research, development and scale-up, with additional process development resources for customers to screen projects more quickly, and efficiently maximize catalyst reactions using the appropriate ligands, solvents and science.

Economic and Effective Solutions

  • Single source for seamless process scale-up, from discovery to commercial
  • Unlimited access to high quality data, including profiling for all reactions
  • Reduced drug development costs and time by using cheaper, better-suited reagents and solvents
  • Elimination of expensive catalysts and ligands
  • Improved conversions, reducing impurities and maximizing yield
  • New synthetic routes and enabling chemistry
  • Sustainability and green chemistry

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