Chemiflex Critical Raw Materials Program

The tailored fit for your API synthesis

Portfolio solutions, tailored to your needs
Reduce risk, remain compliant and accelerate development and manufacturing timelines by working with a single, trusted partner for all your API needs.

Our Chemiflex program allows you to customize all aspects of API synthesis for applications from non-clinical through commercial phase. We offer a range of high quality critical raw materials, solvents and reagents plus the documentation and expertise to meet stringent regulatory requirements. In addition to our comprehensive portfolio, we also offer custom manufacturing services to meet your exact needs.

Benefit from

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Extensive regulatory support

Our selected portfolio of critical raw materials

Product Name Product Number Product Name Product Number
Acetone 100013
Glycerol anhyd./85% 104091
Dichloromethane 106049 Triacetin 103000
Ethanol abs./96% 100967 Ethylacetate 100864
2-Propanol 100995
1-Butanol 100988
Methanol 106008 Acetronile Will be available as of Q1 2019
DMSO 137117
Tetrahydrofuran Will be available as of Q1 2019
1,2-PROPANDIOL 107478    

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