Gene Therapy & Viral Vaccines

SAFC and BioReliance offer world-class process development and manufacturing capabilities for virus based therapeutic products (e.g. gene therapy and viral vaccines).  From small scale toxicology and Phase I materials to commercial-scale manufacturing and fill-finish, our flexible facilities and dedicated staff can assure that product yields and critical timelines are met.

Quality – All facilities are fully validated and GMP compliant

Process Development – Experienced scientists and highly-trained personnel can successfully develop a robust virus manufacturing process (or transfer a complex process) to produce small-scale clinical to large-scale commercial product using most disposable and stainless-steel based systems

Range of Capabilities – Experience manufacturing most virus based systems.  Global, dual-site capacity ensures continuity of supply.

Commercial Scale Manufacturing and Final Fill/Finish – FDA inspected facilities, fill-finish capacity from 2,000 to 10,000 vials per day

Expanded Capability – Combined with BioReliance leading biologics safety testing services, clients can count on an integrated package of manufacturing and safety assessment service to ensure successful product development

Visit the pages below to learn more about the range of SAFC and BioReliance’s services for gene therapy and virus vaccine manufacturing:

SAFC Carlsbad Manufacturing
BioReliance Glasgow Manufacturing
GMP cell bank manufacturing
GMP virus bank manufacturing

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