Bangalore, India

SAFC's Bangalore facility is focused on supporting drug discovery activities in medicinal chemistry and small scale custom synthesis via flexible full time equilivant (FTE) contracts. FTE arrangements add an element of flexibility whereby chemists can be added or removed from a program if more or less activity is required.

Customers have the option to work directly with our chemists in India or through our highly experienced medicinal chemistry teams in Gillingham, UK. This arrangement gives a company access to India in a facility designed to western standards and allows a company to reduce development costs without having to manage the additional logistics of time zones, relationships and intellectual property systems required by working directly with a provider in the region.

Services Overview

  • Focused on cost effective milligram to small kilogram synthesis of Building blocks, Scaffolds and Key Intermediates
  • Technology strengths are aimed toward low-volume, highly complicated chemistries
  • Follow-up lead optimisation library iterations
  • R&D and Scale-up Labs up to 50L working volume
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Tel: +91-80-6621-9400

Certificates & Documents

ISO 9001 (PDF)

ISO 14001 (PDF)

OSHAS 18001 (PDF)

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