Cleveland, Ohio

SAFC Cleveland is SAFC's Center of Excellence for biological buffers, cell culture media components and reagent compound manufacturing used in the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. This chemical production facility consists of laboratory, intermediate and bulk chemical areas capable of producing a broad range of batch sizes, quality control laboratories and dedicated packaging facilities operated under ISO9001 and cGMP IPEC guidelines.

Core Technologies

  • Bulk scale chemical processing equipment is a multi-use, multi-vessel set up with equipment redundancy
  • Pilot and laboratory-scale chemical synthesis capabilities
  • Dedicated and segregated packing facilities
  • Fully equipped and staffed QC department for testing products and raw materials
  • Molecular biology laboratory for chemical testing

Core Competencies

  • Biological buffers
  • Amino acids, derivatives and peptides
  • Cell culture components
  • Diagnostic reagent components
  • Pack sizes up to 125 kg
  • Batch sizes up to 3,000 kg
  • Chemicals produced have a long history of successful use as components in biopharmaceuticals, cell culture media, diagnostic reagents, life science research and specialty chemical markets

Capabilities/Equipment Overview

  • Provide responsive customer service and unsurpassed quality in our products
  • Multi-scale, robust chemical processes that produce high quality, reproducible biological buffers and biochemical reagents that exhibit high clarity, superior solubility and minimal trace metal content, with lot-to-lot consistency
  • All processes use non-animal derived raw materials
  • Full lot traceability in manufacturing and the supply chain
  • Chemical-based processes provide material that is inherently low in bio-burden and endotoxin contaminants
  • Custom services for chemical synthesis, formulation, packaging and analytical/MB testing
  • Processing equipment in Manufacturing Facility is a multi-use, multi-vessel set up with equipment redundancy and vessel sizes ranging from 30-2,000 gallons
Contact Facility

Facility Address:
4353 East 49th Street
Cleveland, OH 44125, USA
Toll-Free: (800) 321-0570
Technical Service:
(800) 334-0144
Fax: 216-883-1576

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