Global Project Management – Commercial

SAFC is dedicated to providing quality project management to our clients. Each project is unique in terms of scope and challenge, which are dependent upon your unique development and manufacturing requirements. However, we have found that a systematic approach using best practices across all of our worldwide locations is key to exceeding customer expectations. SAFC uses a single-point of contact project management approach that fosters an environment of collaboration, communication and flexibility. The Project Manager is responsible for driving the project to completion professionally; on-time with the quality and quantity the client expects. SAFC’s project managers facilitate the timely communication of important technical information and production timelines.

Our process orientated approach to project management ensures that from the time of an enquiry to the delivery of a project, you are accompanied by a dedicated, project manager. Additionally, clients can be assured of project confidentiality as Project Managers are responsible to manage the project in compliance with the Master Service/Supply Agreement under the guidance of the Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

Key Benefits of SAFC’s Project Management System

  • Qualified and dedicated to project management
  • Single point of contact
  • Consistent handling from start to finish
  • Knowledge of project details
  • Experienced in coordinating multi-disciplinary teams
  • Close to the customer

The Project Manager's Role

SAFC’s Project Management is driving and leading through evaluation, execution and review of a project.


SAFC's project management team starts with an evaluation of a technology package. Once feasibility is determined, the project is costed via a thorough review of the information against an agreed upon set of deliverables outlined by the customer. SAFC then submits a comprehensive quotation against the required deliverables.


Once a quote is accepted, a project team is assembled and the communication process begins. A kickoff meeting is initiated and regular written updates are provided to update the customer on the status of the project. To streamline communications, a single point of contact is assigned to each customer program. All SAFC project managers work closely with the business development teams and make sure customer needs are fully understood.


Projects are multidisciplinary in scope: unconditional teamwork is critical to success. The project manager is responsible for all the functional groups required to complete the project: R&D, Analytical, Manufacturing and Regulatory as required. We do not over-promise or under-deliver.